POSN: A Personal Online Social Network

TitlePOSN: A Personal Online Social Network
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsErdin E, Klukovich E, Gunduz G, Gunes MH
Book TitleICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection
PublisherSpringer International Publishing

A growing concern for end users of OSNs is the privacy and control of user data due to the client-server architecture of the current ecosystems. In this paper, we introduce a privacy preserving decentralized OSN platform, which mimics real life social interactions. In particular, we decentralize the OSN platform and give direct control of the information to the user. The distributed platform removes central authorities from the OSN and users share their content only with intended peers through mobile devices. This decentralized system ensures that interaction happens between friends and third parties cannot access the user content or relationships. To be able to efficiently share objects and provide timely access in the POSN platform, we take advantage of free storage clouds to distribute encrypted user content. The combination of phone-to-phone applications with cloud infrastructure would address the main limitation of peer-to-peer systems, i.e., availability, while enjoying the benefits of peer-to-peer systems, i.e., no central authority and scalability.