An Analysis of Friend Circles of Facebook Users

TitleAn Analysis of Friend Circles of Facebook Users
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsErdin E, Klukovich E, Gunes MH
Conference NameThe 9th IEEE Workshop on Network Measurements (WNM)
Date Published26 Oct 2015
Conference LocationClearwater Beach, FL

The Internet has spawned different information exchange systems ranging from file sharing to online social networking. Online social networks (OSN) have gained significant popularity and are among the most popular sites. Users interact through various features of online social networking services such as connecting with friends, establishing new friendships, sharing photos and videos, and commenting on each others posts. As digital interactions supersede over physical interactions, it is important to understand how users interact over such digital platforms. Moreover, understanding OSN traffic is valuable in designing new OSN platforms and adjusting content distribution network. In this study, we provide a deeper analysis of online activities that happen around a user, i.e., circle. To better understand activities in a user's friend circle, we developed a Facebook application that monitored the walls of Facebook users. In particular, we obtained statistics of every post shared with the user by their friends for 16 volunteers that provided continuous measurements for 15 days.