Complex Network Analysis of Research Funding: A Case Study of NSF Grants

TitleComplex Network Analysis of Research Funding: A Case Study of NSF Grants
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKardes H, Sevincer A, Gunes MH, Yuksel M
Book TitleState of the Art Applications of Social Network Analysis
Series TitleLecture Notes in Social Networks
Series VolumeXII
PublisherSpringer Vienna
Keywordscomplex network analysis, Complex networks, NSF, Research funding networks, Six degrees of separation

Funding from the government agencies has been the driving force for the research and educational institutions particularly in the United States. The government funds billions of dollars every year to lead research initiatives that will shape the future. In this paper, we analyze the funds distributed by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF), a major source of academic research funding, to understand the collaboration patterns among researchers and institutions. Using complex network analysis, we interpret the collaboration patterns at researcher, institution, and state levels by constructing the corresponding networks based on the number of grants collaborated at different time frames. Additionally, we analyze these networks for small, medium, and large projects in order to observe collaboration at different funding levels. We further analyze the di- rectorates to identify the differences in collaboration trends between disciplines. Sample networks can be found at mgunes/NSFCollaborationNetworks/